The need for continuous communication and its reliability has increase rapidly over the years, especially in all those area where information is a must. Their complexity has increased as continuous information and communications are need to control automated process, be in industries, commercial complexes, hospitals, hotels and even modern residences.

The major achievement of the Basic TV Engineering training that undergone has improved my educational and practical aspect in my profession as studio transmission Engineer. These lead to different  course of study during the programme for almost four weeks.


The analysis of this course cannot go without enumerating the goals meant to be achieved in the pursuit of the work. These objectives includes:-

i-The frequency separation between the sound and vision carriers which is 5.5MHz

ii-The bandwidth of the band I and III and band IV and V which achieved in the frequencies of Radio spectrum, made into 5MHz slices to accommodated the TV Channel that is

>>> 54—88 MHz for VHF Channel 2 – 6

>>> 174—216 MHz for VHF Channel 7—13

>>> 470—890 MHz for UHF Channel 13—83

iii-The benefits of Digital transmission that enumerate some points

–Enable transmission of signal over a long distance.

–Transmission is at a higher rate and with a wider broadband width.

–it is also easier to translate human audio and video signal and other messages into machine language.

iv—The difference between Air cooled and Liquid cooled transmitter whereby the Air cooled transmitter is cooled by air suck from ambient temperature while liquid cooled is by liquid injected from pump unit.

–The power supply to the amplifier are external consider the liquid cooled that power supply is imbedded in the amplifier.

v—The applications of high definition television has corrective, amplification, equalization and distribution.

vi—To create awareness that will stimulate the interest of fellow co-staff who intend to take up these course or even Advance in this course of study.


The scope of the course is the Basic TV Engineering with intent to trained the staff in order to improved his standard both educational and practical aspect in Engineering profession.

The limitation of the course are:-

1—The course is limited to the Basic concept where the camera were not teach.

2—The time or duration for the course is too short to learn much  in the syllabus.


This reports has illustrated how the importance of Digital and Analog transmission, principle of Vision mixer and Audio mixer and the objectives of Rhode and Schwarz (R & S) Transmitter which has two different series i.e NM series (Air cooled transmitter) and NH series (Liquid cooled Transmitter)



The trained underwent is to improve the transmission to the modern age, I recommended for the following.

>> Robotic Camera should be acquired where all the control unit be done at Master Control Room (MCR) without cameramen.

>> Digital Video and Audio mixer is required to actualized quality and corrective picture and sound.

>> Dummy Load is needed to substitute the Transmitter whenever the transmitter is faulty


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