The Main Thing That Needs to be Done Between Spouses

Being married is not just about eating together, sleeping and waking side by side, strolling to the beach or village river together, doing the lovey-dovey, pillow fights together or doing chores together. This are only the extracurricular activities, the main thing that needs to be done together is Iba’dah, and this is where many couples fall short. We were created for the worship of Allah, here are the ways to do it together:

1)Abu says:
Sweetheart, its friday, let’s recite surah kahf together.

2)Ummu says:
My boo, it’s friday, I will like to follow you to Jumuah today, I miss the khutbah series.
3)Aboo says:
Hey dear, wakie wakie, wake up and let’s pray, its time for tahajjud, our LORD is in the first heaven calling on to us.

4)Ummu says:
Ya Habeebi, today is the day of our sister’s program in the masjid, won’t you follow me to the program and give us a befitting lecture? But lower your gaze there pls, winks.

5)Aboo says,
Hey babe, even if you are off-Salat, have you done your evening Adhkaar? Let’s do it together.
6)Ummu says:
Ya sheikhi, now that we have observed Isha’i, its time for our daily family Halqah, won’t you give us an admonition or teach us Fiqh?

7)Aboo says:
Darling, you are dressing up right, hold it, let me put your Hijab on you and tie your Niqab for you.
8)Ummu says:
My dear, today is Saturday, you are not going to work, won’t you use this opportunity to visit the grave with the kids so as to remember the hereafter?

9)Aboo says:
My queen, tomorrow is monday, let’s prepare to fast tomorrow so as to please our Lord.
10)Ummu says:
Hi honey-pie,
Today is sunday and we are not going anywhere, so let me get the kettles, so that we can observe salatud-duha.
11)Aboo says:
Princess, since the rain is falling, I can’t go to the Masjid to pray, get the mat so that I will lead the Salah while you pray behind me. I will recite your favourite surah.

12)Ummu says:
The Prophet (SAW) ordered us to recite surah Baqarah every 3days/nights, so let’s commence, I will recite a page and you recite the next, till we finish it.

13)Aboo says:
Honey, let’s quickly recite Surah Mulk and Sajadah before sleeping so that it will save us from the punishment of the grave.
The prophet (SAW) said,
May Allah have mercy on a man who wakes up at night to pray, he wakes his wife to pray and if she refuses, he sprinkles water on her face. May Allah have mercy on a woman who wakes up at night to pray, she wakes her husband and if he resists, she would sprinkle water on his face
(Sahih ul jaami, 3494)

How beautiful is this Hadith, this is how couples should help in fulfilling 50% of each other’s deen. Marry a person who will help you in the worldly affairs as well as the matters of your hereafter.

If your boo doesn’t help you to become a better Muslim, then your boo is a bull.
Many people do say:
“I want a spouse who will hold my hands to Jannah”
The bridge of Siraat is not Ijebu bridge that requires just a hand to help you cross it, everyone is for himself, so Jannah is not earned by mere Du’a, you need to both work for it.

Allah says:
(Paradise is not earned) by your mere wishful thinking (Nisa’i vs 123)

When couples play, snore, fart, sleep, wake, eat, drink, smile, laugh, cry, walk, run, discuss, think, act and pray together, they share a very deep form of “companionship and compatibility” that cannot be created any other way and can’t be found anywhere else.

May we and our spouses be JANNAH!th


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