President Buhari’s Achievements So Far Under APC -Led Government

1. 565 billion naira loot recovered in cash
2. Properties worth more than 3 trilllion seized from looters

3. Many untouchables including former army chiefs now standing Trial in courts for corruption.
4. Boko haram defeated.
5. Firm introduction of TSA
6. Cal- Itu road repaired completely.
7. 200,000 jobs created with Npower initiative.
8. Dignity of the Nigerian military restored.
9. Foreign reserve on a steady rise
10. Agelong Budget padding stopped.
11. Accountability in customs and other agencies of govt.
12. Corruption fought with judges facing trial.
13. Leakages and avenues to loot govt funds blocked.
14. Nigeria’s image globally restored.
15. Increase in food production as can be seen with the surge in Rice production.
16. Efcc,Icpc now working at optimum capacity.
17. Nigeria’s internal production capacity on the path of recovery.
18. Ajeokuta steel mill issues resolved, production to begin next year with employment capacity for 100,000.
19. Successful removal of fuel subsidy that was an empire for corrupt importers fleecing the country of trillions of naira.
20. Ensuring few individuals and the likes of Tompolo no longer hold the country at ransom.

The problem now is the Economy, inflation, and how it can fully bounce back, but if the above can be achieved within 18 months, I’m sure the problem of our economy will be defeated. Prices of goods will come down and Naira will pick up. Once Dangote Refinery comes on stream in 2018, freeing us from using almost all dollars earned from crude sales to import petroleum product, dollars will automatically fall and prices of goods will come down.

That’s when Nigerians will actually see that God has started Nigeria’s restoration to the path of glory.

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