Bauchi immunises 5000 birds against diseases weekly

An official of the Bauchi Area Veterinary Office, said the state has been vaccinating no less than 5,000 birds weekly in other to prevent an outbreak of birds’ related diseases.

The veterinary officer in the state, Dr. Bashir Rishi, told newsmen in Bauchi that the exercise was to improve public health .

According to him, New Castle, Fox, Typhoid, Anmbiro and Cholera are the endemic diseases found in the state.

birdHe also said the routine immunization was to provide the birds with the adequate vaccines.“Those with 100 birds and below converged with their birds at the clinic premises for the immunization, while those with more than 100 birds have their birds immunized in their farms,” he said.

He said that bird flu was not prevalent in the state and no vaccine had been introduced so far.

According to him, measures have been put in place to ensure that bird flu is prevented completely from the state.

“Most members of the public have resulted into poultry as a small scale trade so we need to brace up activities that will prevent the loss of such birds through immunisation. Bird Flu has no vaccine, so we put measures in place to prevent it,” he added.

He appealed to the public to ensure that their birds were immunized against birds’ related diseases.

Newsmen reports that Wednesday was set aside for the immunisation as many people were seen with their birds formed queues to vaccinate their birds.



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