Prof. Kabiru Mato on Nasir Ahmed El-rufai memo to PMB

Nasir El-rufai did not criticize Buhari. He only advised on the state of the nation and what he felt ought to be done to correct the perceived anomalies that are slowing the wheels of change in the country one year after.


Most Nigerians who were part of the making of this government are certainly not happy with the development in the polity and the reason in my view is simple;

Personnel! Is it normal that 2 years into the administration the secretariat has not been able to make submissions with a view of appointing competent loyalists to man the various departments and agencies of government that are still headed by PDP appointees? Does this signify a strong or weak SGF? Again, the COS does not have any record of public service and wasn’t in the campaign train throughout, is it normal that 2 years into the administration only 7 advisers were appointed when the president soon after election requested the 7th National Assembly to approve a slot of 15 advisers? Out of the 7 advisers, only one is in the president’s office, 5 in the office of VP and 1 in Ministry of Budget & Planning?

Is it normal that the president is held hostage by those who contributed little in his ascendency?



Remember it was President Buhari who told the world that more than anybody else, Nasiru convinced him into running in 2015 after he vowed not to in the countdown to the 2011 elections.

My take is that the letter was purely advisory and intended to get things corrected. Why previous governments got it wrong was partly due to the failure of those in and around it take stock of events and advise as appropriate.

I see nothing wrong in the advise which most likely was at the instance of the President.

Those who chose to leak it to the public many months after it was authored might have thought of throwing spanners into the relationship between the president n Nasir on one hand and on the other portray Nasir as either an extrovert or ‘ambitious’ a very positive term that has been made to look negative in Nigeria’s political lexicon.

If you are not ambitious, you have no business in serving the populace. All these so that the main stream APC and its mass follower ship would cast aspersions.

Fortunately, the exposition only speaks volume of what millions others have in their minds and the call to get things right is only regurgitated for the good of the president, the government and people of this great country.


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