Open letter to Gov. Abubakar Bello of Niger state on the Recent Kontagora Crisis


Your Excellency may wish to recall last week clash between the vigilante group and the Unguwan Yamma community in Kontagora Local Government Council of Niger State.The hitherto peaceful community was engulfed in crisis that resulted into death of three people and destructions of property as well as further soaked high degree of tension in the community with fear of continued reprisals.The crisis would have been avoided if early warning signs were not ignored and may snawball into greater conflagration if not nip in the bud.
Your Excellency sir,my humble desire to write you this letter is first and foremost to draw yout attention to the follwing silent as salient factors:
1. That the crisis in Kontagora is just the tip of an iceberg as tensions brewed for a very long time between the warring factions,and still brews in other communities.Thus, if nothing urgent is done it may spread to other communities;
2. That bad blooded relationship arisisng from after last week’s crisis may lead to prolong chains of reprisals or even secret vengers/vendettas among the local populace;
3. That the clash in Kontagora may seems small,but has resonated in communities far from kontagora and may take a demonstration effect else where if not nip in the bud;
Your Excellency,your government has been the most responsive government since the creation of Niger State interms of safeguarding the lives and property of the citizenry. You have consistently deminstatrated your government’s determination to the wellfare and well-being of Nigerlites every where and anywhere they reside within the length and breath of the state.Peace and security are the pivotal aspect of the state without which no meaninful development takes place. It is on that note that I wish to humbly invite Your Excellency consider and approve the setting up of Administrative or Judicial Panel of Inquiry over last week’s Vigilante and Community clash in Unguwan Yamma Kontagora with the following terms of references:
1. To determine the remote and immediate causes of the crisis;
2. To identify person/persons directly or indirectly involved in the crisis and recommend appropriate sanctions against them and give compensations to victims where necessary.
3.To identify institutional lapses in the sponsorship of vigilante activities with a view to correcting them;
4. To critically assess and review the activities of vigilante groups and their relationship with their immediate communities;and
5. To proffer solutions aimed at curbing future occurances as well as possible spread of the crisis and other crisis prone areas.
In conclution Your Excellency,the great conflagrations emated from unguwan Yamma in Kontagora is capable of taking a multiplier effects else where,but if nip in the bud early, its also capable of baking a very big cake from which the flavour of peace,harmony and tranquillity thrives for us all to share.This is my humble submission sir not only as a concerned indigene (who knows the terrain and the characters involved) but also as one who conducted an academic research on the sybject matter and the epic centre of the crisis 17 years ago.
Your Excellency,while I awaits your early possible considerations to the above proposal, please accept the continues assurances of my esteem regards.
Yours Truly
Atabo Mohammad Abubakar.





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